Tournament Scoring
System for Windows


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Easy point and click operation to setup all events
Auto lookup for NSCA members
Shooters qualifying for age or sex-based concurrents are automatically entered in Concurrent event(s)
Shooter squadding and rotation info prints on receipt for use a confirmation
Print squadding labels for Main Event score cards
Print 5-Stand and FITASC score sheets with squad member names entered
Record and report all payment info by shooter
2-5 Man Teams
Payout computations - check writing
Single or multi-user network versions
This program, like its forerunner, the DOS version, is specifically designed for Sporting Clays and enjoys wide use across the country. We currently have more than 150 copies in use and sell more copies by word of mouth than through any advertising. Our satisfied customers are our best asset.

The system will score the smallest to the largest tournaments with huge labor savings for the score keeping and payout functions. It will even write the winner’s checks for you.

The program has two main sections: the first to manage your mailing list and practice scores and the second to score tournaments.

The first section allows you to indicate what interests each shooter has (Practice shooter only, Tournament shooter, Skeet, Trap, Pheasant hunts, Dogs, etc.) and be able to customize your mailings according to interest. The program prints mailing labels in Zip Code order, indicating the number of labels in each, making the preparation of a bulk mailing quite simple.

You can also input all practice scores, enabling you to handicap by known ability for Club shoots and enables you to give each shooter a "Shooting History" by date and gauge. This also allows you to further customize your mailings, as you would know when the person last shot at your course.

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