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Tournament Scoring Info, continued

The main section of WinScore scores tournaments for any number of entrants, including all concurrent events, such as Ladies, Age Groups, Hunters, Lewis Class, Class Options, and Options by individual station. All events, including options, can be scored either on raw score or by class. Most of my customers use only one person to do all event scoring and to produce the results.

For most classification shoots, results can be printed within 5 minutes after the last squad turns in their score cards.

The program also handles concurrent teams, from 2 to 5 members each, and will further produce a shoot report scores to send to the NSCA, saving you the time of filling out their individual scoring sheets. NSCA, in fact, approves of and prefers this method, as it saves them time on keypunch.

The system allows any number of competitions, allowing each entrant to be input only once, but be entered in several non-concurrent events, i.e. the Main, a 5-Stand, Small Gauge, Preliminary, FITASC, etc.

This program figures the detailed payouts on all Main, Option, and Lewis class events. The money can be figured on 1 to 10 places, either by class or raw score, showing winnings for each round or course and in total for each event.

Other features include checking all scores to verify that all shooters have the correct number of scores entered prior to printing final results, identification of ties where money or trophies are involved, ability to print mailing labels, an internal backup and restore facility, printing a receipt for each entrant showing all events entered, fees paid, squadding and times, as well as a summary by shooter and event, check printing, events printed in scoreboard format (3X regular) or regular print size, and a Tournament Financial Summary which lists total entry and all other fees received.

In addition to printing hard copy results, all results are saved in Word, Excel, and HTML format files. This makes desk top publishing of results and/or putting results on a web page a snap.

A major upgrade first offered in 2000 is the production of How-To videos for WinScore. These videos are included on the CD and can be viewed directly from it. There are 6 videos and an introduction. Written exercises are included which allow the student to practice what they've just learned by viewing each video. Each video runs about 30 minutes. Anyone who will go through these will graduate as an expert user of WinScore.

We recommend a Pentium-class PC and a laser jet printer. It will run in any version of Windows, although Windows XP is the best.

WinScore is a copyrighted work.

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